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Navy wool, fluffy black and white silk

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I had the perfect weekend last week: drove to Duesseldorf on Friday without getting stuck in a traffic jam, picked up my boyfriend at the airport and checked in at the Steigenberger hotel. So far, so perfect. I will post a quick review of our stay at the Steigenberger later on. Anyway, back to the outfit. I already talked about the navy wool fedora on insta which I got when shopping in Hamburg the other week. I’m still obsessed with it and it was just perfect for a slightly sunny, slightly warmer day when you just can’t be bothered to properly do your hair (and the chance of a down-pour is 40%).

Also, I love my denim with a ripped hem to give my outfit a tiny little edge even when staying at a fancy hotel where ripped denim is simply out of place between grandma’s huge gold chains and the complete LV travel set getting unloaded from a Bentley. Yes, it was THAT fancy (and kinda weird, too). I wanted to add some dimension while still sticking to classic colors, so I mixed black and navy plus layered a white silk blouse underneath the sweater, plus, adding a fur vest on top. And let’s not forget about my all-time favorite Hogan booties. They are perfect for a long walk (or shopping trip). All in all, the perfect Duesseldorf-Outfit to stroll down the Kö.ootd, fedora hat, white silk, wool sweater, hugo boss, zara denim, lookbook spring, spring is coming,, eat glitter with me

By the way: mixing navy and black has been a no-go to me for a really long time. Don’t ask me why but I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone here. Plus, I really like the combo for those warmer winter days, because it doesn’t feel too much like spring but still isn’t all black-and-grey. Links will be down below as usual and I hope you enjoy the pics with a little sneek-peak of the place we stayed at in Duesseldorf.

view, suite, Steigenberger Düsseldorf, white silk, wool sweater, hugo boss, zara denim, fashion, style, blog, lookbook,, eat glitter with me

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P.S.: How great is this Cartier coffee table book we had in our room?

Links: Navy fedora hat by REISS (similar here), dark blue denim by ZARA (customized) similar model and color here, black wool sweater by Hugo Boss (similar here), white silk shirt by Massimo Dutti (two years old, but I love this one), black booties by Hogan, nail polish in angora cardi by Essie.