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When in Munich… Shopping, dining and sightseeing

Augustiner am PlatzlBetween all the work that was going on in December and the holiday season, we needed a little get-a-away. I’ve never been a big fan of Munich, only traveled there once, didn’t really enjoy it. But… my boyfriend is probably the biggest Munich-fan on this planet. He loves it, he wants to live there. So between us boarding the ICE train one week before Christmas and the idea of going on a trip there were many discussions on where to go. He obviously won.

From Frankfurt, it only took us about 3 hrs to get to Munich, which was spent with Youtube videos and reading my current fave book (GIRLBOSS, you probably already read it but I’m still working on it and loving it so far!). Our hotel was only a 10-minute walk away from the main station. Not pretty but a real steel for 80€/ night. We first got ourselves a car2go and drove to the Mercedes-Benz dealership. Kinda lame? Maybe, but we both love cars and this dealership is the biggest I have seen in my whole life. Plus: they have the most amazing Christmas décor. So if you’re just a tad interested in cars, definitely check that out.

Afterwards, we strolled through the city with all its lights, Christmas garlands,  Christmas markets and it was just absolutely beautiful! Since K had been to Munich a couple of times, he knew exactly which Brauhaus (traditional german restaurant) to go to and for sure, it’s not the Hofbräuhaus. I know that one is the most prominent but do yourself a favor and avoid that loud, crowded tourist trap by all means! We went in just to check it out and it was bad. However, we went to the Augustiner am Platzl close by and it was just so lovely. The food was delicious, good old German Sauerbraten with potatoe salad and Kraut – man, we are so German!

Day no. 2

We kicked of the next day by sleeping in (yes, I consider 9am sleeping in), checking out of the hotel and walking towards the Dalmayr café. They are the oldest coffee roaster brand in Germany and besides amazing coffee, they have a gourmet food store in their Munich branch. I highly recommend going there, at least to have a look around and see, smell, taste all the amazing food they have in stock. We went there for brunch but who am I kidding, let’s be honest: it was lunch time. I find 18€ for a small salad with home-made chutney and tiny (!) stripes of duck-roast fillet quite pricey but the ambience and atmosphere are definitely worth it.

Afterwards, we did some shopping… Munich is great because you have a lot of high-street brands as well as all of the designer brands right in the city center, plus, the loveliest high-end department and home décor stores.

Also worth a little car2go-trip from the city center is Käfer gourmet food. We spent an hour in that store! They have all sorts of specialties from wine, cheese, meat, seafood to homemade jam, fresh vegetables. Anything. Just to give you an idea: I got hog-, deer- and duck-sausage for my dad and truffled potato chips for myself. Délicieuse! Following the, what accidently turned into a gourmet-trip, afternoon we had another sit-in at the Spatenhaus an der Oper. Again, great food, such nice people.

Generally speaking, I feel like a lot of people have been so nice during this trip, it’s lovely. To wrap it all up, I am no longer a hater of Munich but have become a liker – no lover…. Yet. It’s been so nice to get away for 48 hours on a short trip, there are so many things to do and see, especially during the winter time, in Munich but also, you’ll always find a cute and warm restaurant to restore energy, chill out and enjoy yourself.

I linked everything in the text (tried to find English links). Make sure to check out my blogpost on What I wore in Munich and I hope you get a glimpse of Munich’s beauty with the pictures below. Have fun!