February 15, 2017Lena 0 Comments Beauty.

Springter nail polish, wait, what?!

Now that it is mid-February, I think it is safe to say, that winter is almost over and spring will be arriving soon. Hopefully sooner than later actually. But it’s still that time of year where I feel caught in between. Fashionwise. I want to wear my new pieces for spring but it’s too cold. Pastels feel right but when I look outside, I just want to wrap up in grey and black. So obviously, our make-up, too, is in a transition state. I just don’t feel ready for a bright pink lip and turquoise nail polish… yet. Which brings me to this post: I want to share my go-to nail polishes for the time in between winter and spring (springter, I know… right?!) with you. They are (except for my newest addition, which I HAD to include) no full-on spring colors but also, they don’t compare to your winter dark-reds and blacks and dark navy colors. Here they come:

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love my Essie polishes. They are seriously the best, usually lasting me about 4 to 6 days (no kidding and I’m not talking about the gel ones either!) and with a beautiful and huge color variety. My faves for this time of the year are chinchilly, a beige-medium-to-light-grey color, my MVP bahama mama,  a berry-medium-purple-pinkish color, and my newest purchase, romper room, the perfect pastel light-pink. These three are so versatile, office-appropriate but still fun to wear and unique. Love!


Another perfect, in-between-the-seasons shade is Mauve on, No. 255, by Maybelline, a mauvy-purple-greyish color. This is a bit more “spring” and colorful than chinchilly but still very appropriate on short nails for the office. I love the color because I have not seen a single person with it so far and it is quite a unique shade. It promises to last 7 days; we all know that’s not happening but it is actually one of the few nail polishes that keeps up with the durability of my Essie ones if paired with Essie’s gel setter.

Lastly, a classic nude-beige-sand color called Time for Taupe, No. 175. Again, it’s a lighter shade, so perfect for almost-spring-time but at the same time, understated and cool. It is more of a work-nail polish for me but for the weekend, you could easily top this with some glitter polish and you’re good to go. The only thing is: do not get this set of “gel” polishes from Manhattan. They don’t last very long and take FOREVER to dry. So if I wanted to repurchase this color (which I’ll be doing at some point), I’d definitely go for Essie’s sand tropez.

I hope you liked this post and let me know, in the comments below or on insta, which nail polish is your favorite for Springter 😉 Also, I know this is a lot of #essielove but they are just my favorites, unfortunately, they don’t sponsor me.