February 8, 2017Lena 2 Comments Decor.

How to – Make any couch look great

Explaining, why I write this post, I’m gonna give you some quick numbers from my year 2016: 1 job (my very FIRST real job!), 2 countries, 5 apartments, 6 times moving and zero furniture. That’s pretty much been my life. My job required me to move to different places quite a lot last year and knowing that beforehand, I always picked furnished apartments. Which in Germany, is quite an unusual thing to do. So I had to deal with whatever furniture was in the apartment, trying to make it look as nice as possible and no matter how nice it was moving in, I always need something “me” in my living space.

Over the time, I’ve become quite good at making the most of whatever furniture somebody put in the apartment. Decoration obviously helps a lot but sometimes, you gotta hide things. No joke! So my current space, I really love because of the view and it is nice and new and everything. BUT for whatever reason on earth, there is a purple couch. I’m not talking about mauve or lavender, we’re talking full on purple. Here’s the pic:

So you know what I’ve been dealing with… Yes, it brings some color to the room but as you can tell from my outfits, I’m not much of a “colorful person”. I like greys and black and white, everywhere. Always. So here’s what I did (which wasn’t much, plus I only bought one item!):

I threw my grey alpaka blanket (similar here) over the sofa to first cover it up. Then, added my dark grey faux fur lambskin rug from IKEA (dyed it grey myself) and the huge velvet pillow (also IKEA). For some extra coziness, I added my Ralph Lauren Home pillow and matching cashmere blanket. Plus, I can’t go without it, my Atlanta pillow from west elm. Also, west elm has great blankets that are less expensive than the Ralph Lauren ones but still fashionable and good quality! The second, light grey lambskin rug, I got of DEPOT, but you can find those anywhere and YouTube has awesome diy’s on how to dye white faux fur rugs grey (as I did with the dark grey one)…

I know there is a lot going on (on that couch), but I wanted to add different textures to make it feel warm and cozy and homy. Plus, sticking to all-grey can look boring easily but the textures really break that up and I feel like the sofa really adds to the room as a living room now, rather than being just a pop of color.

Hope this gives you some inspiration and help you transition your not-so-pretty sofa into a snuggly, favorite place.