February 1, 2017Lena 0 Comments Fashion.

How to – Take care of your clothes properly

My blog is very young, I have to admit, but I still think that by now, you have gotten a glimpse of my passion for fine leather goods, delicate silk and especially wool and cashmere sweaters. I love these precious materials because they look good but also, because they feel good. Plus the benefit of durability and how they “wear and tear”. To me, expensive clothes have to pass the test of time because I only spend a lot of money when I know, the item is going to last me a long time and I will get lots of wear out of it. But to make that happen, not only the quality is a key factor but also how you take care of your delicate fashion pieces.

I’d like to share some “wisdom” and give you tips on how I take care of my denim, cashmere sweaters and silk dresses. And to take some of your crinches away: no, not everything is being hand washed even though it says so on the label. (Despite that, you generally SHOULD obey the item’s label instructions when washing)

First trick concerns denim (pants or top): washing denim seperately has become a routine because of the color transfer but that doesn’t stop the color from still getting washed out. when I buy a new pair of jeans, I  pour warm water in the sink, about half full, and then add 2-3 cups of apple cider vinegar (every grocery store or supermarket has this and you can get any brand). Yup, that’s right. It smells horrific but letting your denim soak in for about 10 minutes and then rinsing it with cold water will help to avoid color fading. Moreover, I wash denim as seldom as possible, hanging them outside usually takes out any odor after a restaurant-visit.

However, even denim has to be washed at some point. I use special black fabric detergent and wash it no hotter than 30° celsius with the medium program (not delicate but not the heavy-stain-program either). And afterwards: hang up or lay to dry. No dryer! This procedure has kept all of my denim in great condition. Despite that, always remember, that some fading in color is indispensable because it’s indigo coloring. Plus: Fading will make your denim unique 🙂

Another must-have for everyone owning delicate fabrics (and really, anyone owning a bra!) is having washing bags. I always put anything silk, wool, cashmere or bras and tights (seperated) in them before putting them in the washing machine. It REALLY helps to protect your garments while washing and makes sure the fabric doesn’t get caught etc. I always buy my bags/sacks at H&M because they are cheap and last me a long time (or these). They are so worth the 4$, believe me!

Last but not least, my favorite washing detergent for delicates like wool, cashmere and silk. I’ve tried many over the years, and using a special detergent for those fabrics is a definite must, but none has been as good as the Ecover for delicates and wool fabrics (here international). The fabric remains the same softness before and after washing, wool and cashmere stay fluffy and soft. Plus, the detergent is eco-friendly and has only the slightest but lovely scent to it.

Take care of your clothes, especially the ones that sometimes need more pampering than your old, white tee and I hope this helps you, keeping your wardrobe in great shape for as long as possible. Let me know, if you have any tips and tricks on how you take care of your items for perfect results. I’d love to hear those!