January 29, 2017Lena 2 Comments Beauty.

How to – Keep your skin glowy during winter

The past two weeks, I have really been getting my spring vibes on. I bought tulips, took out almost all of the winter decor, did some shopping for warmer weather (I’m talking off-the-shoulder tops) and even though it is freezing outside, I’m already planning outfits for spring. In my mind, winter is almost over, which we all know: it’s not. But just because that is the case, I don’t see any reason to not have glowy skin and a healthy look to our skin. Yes, it’s super cold and yes, all the heated air inside makes us wanna put 5 layers of body butter on and never crawl out of bed again. But I have some nice and easy tricks and products to share with you which will ease the winter dullness. Promise!

Starting in the shower, it really helps not to have the water running boiling hot. It’s hard to resist, I know, but your skin will appreciate a nice, luke warm shower with this rich shower creme from Dove (don’t be fooled by the Amazon price, it should be around 2-3$ at your local Boots, Target, Wal-Mart or any drugstore)which gives you soooo much hydration for the skin. Plus, I like to use my Konjac sponge for the body (also available for your face) to really lather up the creme, massage it into the skin and give you the slightest exfoliation while massaging your skin. And moreover, through massaging, you will activate the blood circulation to help keep you warm from the inside out and your skin fresh and glowy.

Also, I like to use a light exfoliating shower cream 2-3 times a week. This one from Scottish Fine Soaps isn’t drying at all but still exfoliates the skin without being to harsh. Love it! A nice addition to that “shower-routine” is using a body oil rather than a cream or butter after the shower. I feel like it is more lightweight and moisturizing throughout the day. Just make sure to rub it in while your skin is still wet so it’ll absorb in no time. I love this one and this one.

If you want to get a slightly bronzed glow, go for the Saint Tropez Gradual In-Shower tanner (I currently use Lancaster Self-Tan Beauty, it develops even faster but it is a bit smelly plus more expensive). I find most self-tanners drying and they always look patchy or too dark, come off ugly and I’m just not a fan. But the Saint Tropez one, I really love. It tans gradually (hence the name, duh!), you rinse it off, so no funny smell, and only 3 minutes waiting time. It just leaves you with beautiful, glowy skin. Totally natural, even if you are as pale as I am.

Another great tip, which I discovered over the years (you live and you learn, right?!), is to wear all natural fabrics, especially when it comes to Sweaters, during the winter time. Wool, cotton and cashmere are not only super soft on the skin but I feel like they don’t dry out my skin whereas synthetic fabrics always seems so itchy and my skin looks dull and dehydrated after a day of wearing. Another benefit: I find natural fabrics way more warming than synthetic ones, so you can lower the heating. Which saves money and is good for the environment. Now THAT’s a win!

As usual, I linked all the products in the text or found fairly similar ones. A face glowy-skin-in-winter How to will be up next week, so stay tuned for that.