February 12, 2017Lena 0 Comments Fashion. Outfits.

Grey Winter coziness – The Rooftop Edition

I am going to admit it: As you read in my How-to-style-an-ugly-couch post, I’ve moved 5 times in the past year, BUT it’s not all that bad because I got to see so many different apartments and currently, I am very lucky because my apartment in Frankfurt happens to be amazing. A garage, bathtub, floor heating, wooden floor panels, pretty new, elevator and to top it all of: a rooftop terrace.

One of the many reasons why I love this place so much is the incredible view from my living room and I wish I could stay longer to enjoy every evening during the summer months out there. Well, it’s not happening because I am moving soon. Again. But I thought the least I can do to appreciate the rooftop terrace, while I still have one, is to shoot an outfit up there. And let’s not forget the convenience of having a homemade snack and freshly brewed coffee in between pictures 😉 And going shopping afterwards without having to carry my camera around.

I wanted to be comfortable and warm for a stroll through the city and because stores always seem to seriously heat up during winter time (Hello! We are all wearing jackets and hats and what not, no need to boil us!), I like to opt for a vest-huge-scarf-combo rather than a jacket. Plus, I got this suede-shearling vest on sale a couple of weeks ago and really want to get a lot of wear out of it before it’ll get too warm. Also, it perfectly matches with the knitted dress and the overall winter-vibe of the outfit. As for the bag: every time I wear something grey or black (or grey and black), I  deeply wish that I would already own a black, caviar leather chanel bag with silver hardware #wishlist2017. Well, I don’t due to obvious $$$ reasons. At least my Gucci bag went almost as perfect with the look and definetly has more space. Hope you like the outfit.

Links: Knitted cashmere dress from H&M similar here,  Shearling vest from Appelrath/Cüpper similar here, Wool scarf from Hallhuber similar here, Black tights from Primark, Black slouchy suede boots from ZARA (not exactly but would be cool with the outfit here), last seasons black “Swing” bag by Gucci similar size from Gucci, “Tribales” earrings by Dior, “Atlas “bracelet by Tiffany&Co, Mirrored sunnies by Dolce&Gabbana