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Gold sneakers and a fedora – a saturday classic

So this is the first outfit-post! Yeah. I’m probably more excited than you are but this is a big thing for me.

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It’s been pretty chilly these past days in Frankfurt but weather conditions shouldn’t stop anyone from being stylish. I feel like winter is always a good time to do some layering, whether it is visible or not but just so convenient when you’re store-hopping between -2C° outside and 23C° inside. Also, I pretty much put this outfit together from all-year-round favorites and not only your typical winter gear. To me, it’s important to buy a few key pieces that are my staples for every season an its specifics but also, I’m constantly on the lookout for transitional pieces which are wearable all year long and throughout many years. They are (mostly always) worth the investment. Talking about cost-per-wear will be a separate post though…

So, the fedora hat I wore is a really sentimental piece to me because I bought it in Savannah on my birthday road-trip from Atlanta, GA, to Disney, Orlando.  It’s from Club Monaco and just reminds me of the wonderful time I had during the three months I stayed in the US. Travel blog about that trip is in the making, don’t you worry!

Anyways, it’s such a versatile piece for every season so definitely worth the 80$ (?) I spent on it. Talking about versatile, pretty much every piece from this look is a staple in my wardrobe and can be combined in so many ways but still add a little statement to your look. Like the gold Tory Burch sneakers with a hidden wedge heel… They are so comfy, add a little bit of height and can be worn throughout every season. These attributes, apart from adding height, captain obvious, also apply to the ZARA denim I’m wearing, those were around 30€. They are super stretchy, therefore fit perfectly and, in my head, they are a slimming, too. The caban coat is Burberry Brit, I bought it at an outlet and therefore it was more on the affordable side (compared to what Burberry usually retails for): around 290€. But again, its such a classic, so I know I’ll have this for many years. And, oh boy!, let’s not forget about the scarf. It’s Burberry as well. And I absolutely love it. Adding this to any outfit is pretty much like a Chanel bag: it transforms any outfit from meeh to yessss!

The last piece is my trusted FURLA bag, around 245€, which I bought in Madrid last year. Again, awesome memories, cutest bag, you can wear it with anything, such a classic and in terms of price, it really is a more affordable investment piece.

So I’ve tried to link everything in the text. In future posts, I will make recommendations for similar pieces if the original ones are no longer available.

Hope you had fun reading this, pictures are below. Let’s eat glitter (no, not literally, I said it before).