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Follow me around – Hamburg

Bleichen, eat glitter with me,

I had the whole week off and since my new apartment is still not ready, I’m staying at my parents house. Which can be exhausting at times, I’m not gonna lie, but mostly, it’s a lot of fun and I get to spent loads of time with my mommy. So we decided to do a little girls-trip and go to Hamburg. We both love Hamburg. To me, Hamburg is just such a beautiful city because of the old, white houses, the harbor, great restaurants and endless shopping opportunities. Always something going on but not as big as Berlin and rather subtle and classy than hipster.

Chanel Hamburg, eat glitter with me,

We started our day at the Mönckebergstrasse, a rather popular street with lots of shops like H&M, Zara, Mango, beauty stores and Starbucks. It’s nothing fancy or special but the buildings are pretty and the stores there are all rather big and usually have all the items from new collections. So I tried on about 20 pairs of shoes, some ruffled shirts… And finally got myself the end-of-one-chapter-start-of-the-next-chapter gift I had missed to get in Frankfurt: the new La Petite Robe Noire Intense by Guerlain. If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely should, it smells delicious! And of course some Essie nail polish 😉 Just on a side note: I like to get myself fragrances on special events in my life or when successfully completing something. Because when you smell the perfume years later, it still reminds you of that accomplishment or occasion.

On with the tour: we decided to get coffee and cake because breakfast had been a while ago and it looked like it was about to rain anyways. So we went back to a café which we had seen on our way down Mönckebergstrasse: the Roncalli Grande Café. Roncalli is a famous circus show in Germany and they have the loveliest interior, most beautiful costumes and we always used to visit their shows when I was a kid. And instead of rambling too much about it, I’ll just show you one picture and all the rest will be down below. It was BEAUTIFUL, absolutely recommend it.

Roncalli Grand Café, eat glitter with me,

Afterwards, we walked down to the city hall, which is an absolute MUST if you’ve never been to Hamburg because it is a stunning, historic building. And it pretty much connects the Mönckeberg shopping area with the Alster shopping district. We took some snaps and met a lovely couple from Canada, who were just visiting Germany for a couple of weeks, had a chat and then took off towards the Neuer Wall. There you’ll find all the designer boutiques: Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Céline, Cartier, Chanel, Hermes, the list is endless. Even if you don’t plan on spending a fortune while in Hamburg, I still find it so much fun to stroll down and have a look at the windows because they are always beautifully decorated.

A rather hidden place, but definitely worth searching for, is the Kaisergalerie, which we stumbled upon because we were on our way back to the Alster. It is right by the water and has been renovated lovely. And, for someone who has lived in Scotland one year, I got super excited when I saw the Reiss London store. I always went to Reiss when shopping in Edinburgh! The sales assistant told me, that it is the only store in Germany and they only opened a year ago. So if you’re a fan of Ted Baker, Karen Millen and L.K. Bennett, definitely check them out while in Hamburg. Luckily for me, they were still on sale and I found a super cute navi blue wool fedora hat for 70€ (about 80$), quite the bargain.

Kaisergalerie, eat glitter with me,

After that success, we went back to stroll along the Jungfernstieg (right across the street from the Alster). This is also a classic and always a beautiful view at the water, especially while the sun sets. We walked back to our car while it got dark and had a quick stop at Joe & The Juice, located right outside the Europapassage. Very delicious beverages and a great pick-me-up if you know you still got an hour of driving ahead of you. It was such a lovely day of relaxing, shopping and wandering around that I thought it would be fun for you guys to virtually come a long. And now, the best part, pictures! Enjoy!


Bucherer, eat glitter with me,

Theater, eat glitter with me,

Jungfernstieg, eat glitter with me,

Alster, eat glitter with me,

Roncalli Grand Café, eat glitter with me,

Roncalli Grand Café, eat glitter with me,


Mönckebergstraße, eat glitter with me,

Kaisergalerie, eat glitter with me,

Hamburg, eat glitter with me,

City hall Hamburg, eat glitter with me,