January 22, 2017Lena 3 Comments Fashion.

What’s on my fashion wish-list 2017

Hi guys and welcome back! I feel like the first weeks of the new year are always spent in a sort of bubble. 2016 is clearly over, but has 2017 REALLY begun? Getting back to work, getting back on track, getting back to the gym and my healthy eating routine… it’s more of a “back to” than “I’m in”. But that’s allright, it is a time to make new plans and set new goals.

My 2017 business-goal is to kick some ass in my job. I’ll be moving in March so I have some apartment/decor goals as well (which of course, I’ll share once they are fully set). And of course a couple of fashion goals, but let’s be honest: it’s more of a wish list 🙂 So I’ll be sharing some items that are on my list this year, some are a definited purchases, some are investment pieces which I know are awesome but sooo expensive that I need to start saving…

Anyways. Here it comes! My first item is a either-or because I have not seen those two in real life, just in photos and I haven’t decided which one would be better. Both are insanely pricey, so that doesn’t help… Either the Chanel Mini Square (couldn’t find it on the Chanel page but I know it does exist) or the Chanel Wallet on Chain, in black lambskin or caviar and silver hardware. They are an absolute classic and I adore them so much, no doubt I would get great wear out of them, but the price-point is hefty and puts me off every time I seriously consider them…

Next off is a more affordable piece but still not on the bargain side… I love everything wool-and-cashmere from September ’til May, because knit Sweaters are so versatile. They keep you super warm and cozy in the winter, transition easily into spring or autumn with leather jackets or vests and gillets. And: summer in Germany is not exactly tropical so having a lightweight sweater for cooler summer nights is a must. This Hugo Boss wool and cashmere blend sweater is great because of its chunky knit (warm!), its blush-pink color (feminine and cute, versatile through every season) and the price is moderate. Plus, I already have a couple of Hugo Boss pieces and they’ve all lastet me very well throughout the years. I’m pretty sure this sweater will soon be in my closet rather than on my wish list 😉

A must, must, must this year is a new denim shirt. I only have one from Abercrombie and I do love it because of its casual, relaxed fit, medium blue color and the little rhinestones on the collar. However: I need a denim shirt that’s more on the fitted side, more of a medium to dark blue and preferrably with those press-on buttons rather than normal buttons. I already found one from H&M that’s exactly what I’m looking for and it’s a good deal,too. Please don’t ask why I haven’t already bought it! I don’t know! I will.

Also, I really want to get another off-the-should-top for spring and summer. So far, I only own one (last season Abercrombie) and I really feel like that’s just not enough because they are so flattering and versatile. I don’t have any particular item in my mind at the moment but I’m pretty sure that either ZARA, H&M or maybe Abercrombie will make the cut. I love that you can get cute pieces at a very good price and since no one knows for how long off-the-shoulder-tops are going to be around, I don’t want to splurge on a rather seasonal item.

And while browsing for the above, I stumbled upon the Storets online store. They have such unique designer-esque pieces for under 100$. I don’t know yet, what I’m getting first but they’ll definetly receive an order from me within the next couple of weeks (maybe days)… So, yes, ANYTHING from Storets is on my list. Plus: they ship worldwide, so yeah! Bringt it to me, please.

My last piece on the wish list is another investment piece. It’s not going to be seasonal or über-fashionable but rather versatile from spring, summer until autumn (nope, winter will be too cold!). I’ve had my eyes on these ever since they came out and still am loving them A LOT. Moreover, I am a huge AQUAZZURA fan. I already have two pair (red and nude, which you will see in a lot of spring and summer outfits, wait for it!) and want to add this lovely pair to my collection. It’ll be perfect for work (black skinny jeans and white blouse or skirt) and none-work outfits (skinny denim ankle gracer and off-the-shoulder top, plus Chanel… I’m already dreaming).

More of a DIY, rather than a new buy, is my plan to cut open the hem of my new ZARA jeans,  iron it down and then have a distressed, ankle gracer look rather than plain blue jeans. I’ll share a quick DIY with you guys.

Hope this gave you some inspiration of what could be on your wish list for 2017 and let me know what’s already on your wish list!