January 25, 2017Lena 3 Comments Fashion. Outfits.

DIY – distressed hem denim on my ZARA jeans

As previously promised: here’s my quick and easy DIY on how I gave my regular ZARA denim a bit of an upgrade on the distressed side. First things first, I’m a huge fan of distressed denim. But it usually isn’t work appropriate, unless you work in the fashion industry… which I don’t. So casual friday is my personal highlight because it always gives me the chance to kinda dress up (which means dressing down in my case!).

I really wanted a pair of jeans which were distressed at the hem (TGIF appropriate) but other than that without any holes: it’s an impossible mission. No kidding. So when I saw those ZARA jeans last week, on sale (17€/20$), my size, ankle gracer for medium-tall people (which means a less-than-ankle-gracer-lenght for me), they were the perfect fit. Because after taking out the hem, I figured, they’d be the perfect lenght for me.

Here’s how I did it:

First, make sure you have small scissors or a razor blade, please be careful! I used scissors because they are the less dangerous option and easier to control. Choose the pair of denim you want to distress, the lighter the wash, the better the contrasting hem afterwards but as you can tell, even the darker washes will still show off nicely. Once you’ve decided, cut every other piece of stitching and then just peel the jarn out. Make sure you don’t cut the denim, just the sewing. It should look something like this:

And now, unwrap the rest of the denim that was held in by the sewing. Yes, it won’t stay. That’s why I unfolded it and ironed it down afterwards. Make sure, the iron is hot enough to make the hem stay in place but not too hot, otherwise you’ll burn the stretch in the fabric and it might rip. And that’s it: you’re done. Super simple, as I said before, and you can slightly personalize your everyday denim for exactly 0$. Plus, if you’re tall, like me, it adds an extra 2 centimeters (about less than one inch) length. Let me know if you have any questions or show me your DIY denim projects 🙂

Unfortunately, the exact pair that I got on sale is not available anymore but I linked a similar color from ZARA plus different colors from Asos above in the text.