January 18, 2017Lena 0 Comments Decor.

DIY – candle glasses with a velvety touch

Christmas is over and since NYE was crazy busy (and the week after that, too), I decided to take down the Christmas decoration around the apartment last weekend. So I started Friday by replacing the red berries in my Riviera Maison vase with 24 white roses and filled my glass dome with LED lightning-bug lights. So far so good. This year, I’m really obsessing about candles (more than ever), for whatever reason. Hence, I saw these lovely candle jars on the Depot website and had to have them. So we went for a stroll through the city center and I picked them up, along with a grey velvet ribbon from Butlers which, in my head, would look so cute, but still not too girly for K to get annoyed by them. I feel like I accomplished that mission pretty good.

It can be annoying to buy something and not be able to use it right away because you need to do some diy fixes first but this décor was one of the cheapest and easiest ever to make. It literally took me 10 minutes after getting home to tie the ribbon around each glass and put a candle in. READY! Super easy table décor, to place on a nightstand, in your shelves or on a coffee table. Just get the ribbon in any color that compliments your overall décor theme and when the seasons or your mood change, you can always replace the velvet ribbon with straw, wrap a white lace-band around it, a huge red ribbon, fill them with some sand or sea shells… or use them to hold your make-up brushes, Q-tips, eyeliners etc. The options are pretty much countless. And the best part: it is super affordable yet, individual, too. I paid 1€ (1,20$) per small glass and 2€ (2,30$) for the bigger one, 3m velvet ribbon cost me 4€ (5,70$).

I linked similar ones from the US and the UK right here, so go check that out 🙂 Just a quick hint: it doesn’t really matter which jars you’re getting, important is that they are glass and that they have a structure (fluted, quilted, doesn’t matter) to them so the light looks pretty.

In case you’re wondering, I got the fake fur lamb-throw here and the sparkly decor here.

Hope you’re having fun trying this at home and don’t forget to transform these babies from time to time!