February 5, 2017Lena 0 Comments Fashion. Outfits.

Blush pink cashmere or Love at first sight

The last outfit post is quite some time ago, but the weather has been bad so lighting for outfit shoots hasn’t been the best. Sorry about that. But, anyways, my best friend and I had a girls weekend last week, did some shopping and I found this gem of a sweater, on sale, that I had to share with you. Finding it was actually the most random thing ever because I waited for my friend who had cued for the cashier and I was just wondering around, not really looking for anything. Until I saw the blush pink arm peaking out of a huge and messy sales clothing rack. I pretty much ran over and grabbed the arm, making sure it was what I hoped for (check my 2017 wish list) and instantly secured it under my arm after checking the size.

I don’t usually browse those sale racks, especially not when it is crowded as hell, because I just find it simply annoying to dig through stuff and then end up finding cute pieces but not finding them in the right size. The opportunity costs in terms of time vs potential savings just don’t add up. Haha, as if I was a responsible economist! So yes, I grabbed it, went to the fitting rooms, declared my “love at first sight”, my friend strongly agreed and I bought it. 39€, oh yeah! This sweater is going to be EVERYTHING for the time between September and May 2017, 2018 and following… The fabric is super soft, 100% cashmere, it has a knit texture to it, extra long sleeves, mock neck and it is blush pink.

I know blush pink was pretty big last year but because it is such a versatile color for winter and spring, I’m sure a lot of us will wear it through 2017 as well. I know I will for sure (because I already ordered a couple other items in blush pink which will be on the blog soon). I paired the sweater with black and nude tones, to keep it kinda elegant, yet cool with the black denim and booties.

Links: Sweater from H&M similar here, Fedora hat from Club Monaco similar here, Nude Metropolis Bag from Furla, Beige Scarf from Gucci similar here, Black denim from A&F, Black Booties from Hogan similar Hogan’s on sale hereRosegold pleated Ring from Aristocrazy, Lipbalm/gloss from Clarins

P.S.: A lot of the stuff I wear is last season or even older than that but if I can’t find something online, I’ll always try to link something that is similar in style and color. Also, I don’t think that you have to have the exact same items to achieve a certain look, work with whatever you have and just gradually buy similar key pieces.