about eatglitterwithme

Hi I’m Lena.

eatglitterwith.me, eat glitter with me

First things first: I don’t actually eat glitter and I don’t literally encourage you to do so. This blog is designed to bring you all the stylish, beautiful and most of all, fun things in life.

Glitter to me is just a synonym for something that beautifies every day. Whether it is actual glitter (hard to pull off on a daily basis, I’m not gonna lie!) or just your favorite pair of well-fitted denim, a lovely bouquet of flowers, Nutella spread in the morning or planning your next travel adventure. All those things brighten your day, sometimes only in a small way, but they still do. I want to give you some inspiration and hopefully “glitterfy” your life a little bit.

Hope you’re having fun exploring my blog and eatglitterwith.me