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A blog classic – Favorite beauty products of 2016

MakeupGiving the beauty section a head-start, I thought it would only be right by starting with my favorite products from 2016. I included only products that I started using in 2016 and that I have absolutely been loving in the past year. Of course they are on my re-purchase list for 2017 😉 and of course this post isn’t sponsored –haha (just in case you’re getting any funny ideas here).

To start with the base, I use my Caudalie beauty elixir every single day. Before I put make-up on and especially after I’m done with my make-up to set everything. It’s so hydrating, sets the powders and really refreshes my face. Also, it is great for travelling as well. And lets not forget the packaging: so sleek, elegant and luxurious. 32€/ 49$ is kind of a splurge on a beauty water but totally worth it, I promise!

To set my foundation, I always dust some Stila Illuminating Powder over it, right before I use the setting spray. This makes the make-up wear extra long and the powder does not make you look flat or cakey or anything. It gives you the slightest amount of a glow while still mattifying your complexion all day. Also, you only have to buy the packaging once and then just get the refill container (and save a little money). You can’t get this in Germany, so I always make my boyfriend buy it in the UK here when he’s there but I know for sure that Sephora in the US stocks this, as well.

So the next product was an absolute splurge and pretty much a present to myself, since I couldn’t buy what I initially wanted to. Blush from Gucci. Yep, you heard right. I can’t imagine any life-situation in which I see the necessity for buying something like this. But I did. And I’m glad I did. The color is absolutely stunning, especially if you are on the fairer side of skin tones, like I am. I literally just need to dab in my brush lightly and will have the loveliest blushed, fresh, pinky cheeks. I’ve used it almost every day since I got it in May (at the Gucci store in Berlin) and in the picture you still see the Gucci monogram that is pressed into it. Fingers crossed, I won’t drop this on the floor, and I’ll probably have this the next years.

Next up is my favorite mascara that I discovered during my three months work-project in Atlanta, GA. I’ve heard so many people rave about the Better than sex mascara by Too faced before, but you never know until you tried it for yourself. So I did. I got the sample size waterproof one at Ulta. Used it once, absolutely loved it and went back to buy two full-size regular mascaras. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments by friends (female, those are the compliments that matter ;)) and if you’re not planning on swimming or walking through a hurricane, I can ensure you that most definitely the regular mascara will do just great. Oh and the price point: around 23$, which I find fair for an awesome mascara like this one. I know it’s available in the UK and US (UK here, US here and here) but I’ll link it below if I find any websites that ship to Germany.


A very recent buy, right before Christmas, also makes it on this list because from packaging, over color, to being comfortable and wearable it ticks all the boxes. It’s the Chanel lipstick in Ultraberry, a limited edition color. I came, I saw and ultimately, bought it within 5 minutes. The color is perfect for fall and winter because it is (as the name suggests) a medium, cool-toned berry. Super creamy and long-wearing and because it is not too dark, it is perfect for both, day and nighttime (versatility, I’m telling you). Costs: around 35€, but Chanel products are always make-up and décor in one, so I guess that’s the way to justify that. US here

While talking about lips: another product that probably most of you know but that’s so hard to get your hands on in Germany (we are a developing country when it comes to make-up accessibility), is the 8 Hour Lipbalm by Elizabeth Arden. I got it at Glasgow airport in one of the duty-free shops (8£!) and have no idea how I lived without it before. It’s super hydrating, even keeps my lips from chapping in the winter or on long-haul flights. And when I put it on before bed, it’s still there the next morning. Love it.

Last but not least, my favorite nailpolish of 2016 has been an emergency buy because I needed a berry-toned color but my go-to favorite Bahama Mama (Essie) wasn’t available so I went for Sole Mate by Essie. It’s pretty dark but still has that berry shade to it, so it is not as harsh as black would be against the skin. Perfect for day and night plus: perfect fit with the Chanel lipstick. And as always with Essie nailpolish: combining it with their gel-like top coat makes the color invincible for about 4-6 days (we’re talking NO chipping at all!).

So far, I’m probs the only one reading this but I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty products of 2016! Comment below, on instagram… Either way! Happy Weekend.